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Welcome to the first

World Wide
Virtual Republic

Welcome to the first world wide
Virtual Republic

A web3 innovation hub
blockchain economy & digital playground 4 all

A web3 innovation hub blockchain economy & digital playground 4 all

Decentralized, Transparent & Fair

Leveraging the power of blockchain and tokenization, we’re revolutionizing the value creation process.
Apex’s economic design rewards and incentivizes real contribution and real connection

Leveraging the power of blockchain and tokenization, we’re revolutionizing the value creation process. Apex’s economic design rewards and incentivizes real contribution and real connection

On a mission to create next

On a mission to create next

We’re Gathering

The most dynamic entrepreneurs & explorers, artists & investors, thinkers & dreamers.

To Work together

Bringing powerful new ideas, investments and experiences
to life with Web3 blockchain and other nascent technologies.

To Build Tomorrow

Creating an open, accessible and profitable future. For all. Together.

We’re Gathering

The most dynamic entrepreneurs & explorers, artists & investors, thinkers & dreamers.

To Work together

Bringing powerful new ideas, investments and experiences
to life with Web3 blockchain and other nascent technologies.

To Build Tomorrow

Creating an open, accessible and profitable future. For all. Together.

Giving You
New Ways
to Create Contribute Socialize and Earn


Launch new companies with Web3 and blockchain business models


Teach others, develop new models of philanthropy, deploy technology for good


Attend concerts & events, network professionally, join advisory boards. Enjoy all, unlimited by location


Participate in revenues from our various business streams and even launch your own



Fast track and leverage businesses from Web 2 > Web3 including full community-driven ecosystem development with profit sharing models to suit.


Make Web3 more accessible by creating educational content and hosting learning centers online and in metaverses.


Create events, IP and content across Web3 that drive revenue with subscription, ticketing and tokens.

Four Engines Of Value-creation


The backbone of Apex Republica. Members not only participate in the governance, they contribute ideas, advise incubated companies, help new businesses prosper in web3 and get rewarded for that.


Investors provide capital for spin-out entities and our Web2 to Web3 service. This allows Apex to continue developing new ideas and pay back members who created value through their contribution.


First, partners provide members with exclusive perks and services. Secondly, Apex helps partners expand business in Web3 and shares in the new revenue created.


The collective talent of Apex allows us to be a metaverse / blockchain agency and consultancy for clients, offering an unprecedented suite of services in this new world.

Robust Ecosytem

Your NFT Is Your Passport

Collection Incentive


Hold one NFT from any clan


Hold three NFT’s from a single clan


Hold one NFT from each clan

The Council

Through application or vote


Access to the Apex Republica community

Access to our exclusive Discord channels

Access to exclusive events and activities

Access to seed rounds from AR projects

Profit share AR launched projects

Profit share AR ticket sales

Royalties 2nd market NFT sales

3D avatar for use in the metaverse

Voting rights on the DAO

Your People Are Calling

Join one of five Founding Clans


The Pioneers at the edge of human exploration


The Gamers who live for play and the thrill of competition


Those who foster new ideas, art and investments


Thought leaders and dreamers who see into tomorrow


Creators who conjure the new into brilliant being


Q1 2023
Community building – Website launch – Partnerships – Marketing – 1st AR events

Q2 2023
1st lore release – NFT Whitelisting – The Council introduction

Q3 2023
1st 5 clans NFT mint – APEX token launch – DAO launch – Affiliate sales program

Q4 2023
3D avatars – 2nd lore release – Metaverse developments – AR events

Q1 2024
NFT Whitelisting – 2nd 5 clans NFT mint

Apex Republica Leadership- Executives

Jose Gonzalez

Jose is a family-oriented entrepreneur who has created, grown, and sold companies in many industries including his current venture in real estate investing. Driven by moral values, Jose is passionate about the potential of Web3 to create and share value through disruptive technologies. Born in Mexico, Jose currently resides in Texas with his wife and three kids.

Rafel Bleeker

A serial-entrepreneur with 20 years experience including event organization, operating restaurants, setting up successful sales structures in real estate and retail, blockchain development and creating web3 opportunities. Business owner, crypto investor and familyman. Born in California, raised in Amsterdam The Netherlands

Afonso Urbano

Mechanical Engineer with an Automation Masters degree who lead the development of an automated pharmacy storage unit, from concept to delivery on the client. Works for multiple crypto projects as community lead, support and operations management. Has done multiple tutorial videos on DeFi and lead a marketing in web3 course in Portugal

Adrian Lister

Ex-Military Naval Aviator and ‘ship driver’ decorated for leadership and bravery, Adrian runs a practice on team building and organisational development, leadership and performance. Blockchain early adopter and investor (2016), Certified Metaverse Expert (Blockchain Council) now focused on the disruptive potential for Web 3 to innovate business., education and philanthropy. A family man living in Sydney and an avid diver, surfer and snowboarder.

Co-Chief Creative Officer
Leo Prat

Award-winning creative director, leading major accounts like VW, MTV, Comedy Central, Corona, Modelo beer, Verizon and many more. Former film director and art gallery owner. Big fan of Web3 because he missed out on Web1 and 2… and bitcoin. Leo hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Co-Chief Creative Officer
Jake Wheeler

Lead creative for top ad agencies and brands worldwide, Jake has also been a film director (DGA) and content studio founder. He’s had development deals with major distributors, recently selling a show to Disney+. Currently has several shows in development as well as a food startup. He currently lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Charlie Robertstad

With a professional background in writing, training, sales and management, Charlie is passionate about making an impact in the world and empowering the people through web3. Trained in classical music, Charlie lives with his wife and four children in Wisconsin where he works full-time in the blockchain ecosystem.

Rodney Melchers

Specialized in systems architecture, big data and artificial intelligence, rodney has taken advantage of the recent boom in online activity to set up several successful web3 ventures in the past. with a passion for automation and decentralization, his goals are to further oversee the creation of systems that will bring value to communities and their individual members, further advancing the 4th Informational industrial revolution.

Advisors To The Republic

Joris Langewouters

IT veteran, family man and Web3 enthusiast. Has held various Ambassador and Advisor roles for crypto and NFT projects. Through a vast network of Influencer and Founder connections Joris will be able to help APEX expand its reach and partner with the highest quality projects in the Web3 space.

Dr. Ian Lambert

Principal of The Scots College, Sydney, a top fifteen schools in the world. He is an educational visionary and innovator, and has authored several books on education, championing exploration, innovation, curiosity and adventure in creating a learning and thinking culture of excellence.. His Ph.D. is from Cambridge University and he currently lives in Sydney.

Fernando Pinto

Lawyer, with a master's in business law and a post- grad degree in intellectual property law, practicing law in the city of Porto, Portugal, Fernando works primarily in Commercial Law, Fintech, IP and Real Estate. In the last two years he has provided consultancy to companies working with WEB3 and blockchain, researching and developing the undeniable connection between technology and the law.

Jose Quijano

Managing partner at We Believers, a highly-awarded innovation / ad agency. Jose brings 22+ years of management experience leading teams for global, regional (LATAM), and national US Brands like InBev, Adidas, Burger King, Citibank, Corona, Heineken, PepsiCo, Walmart and VW. He has extensive experience across all media types, content development and strategy.

Dr. Luis Alfonso

General Director of a Children’s Hospital in Mexico, director of a university marketing department and professor of a business school. As a business person and a surgeon, Luis Alfonso runs a web-medical consultancy. He will help drive the educational offerings for Apex Republica He also brings his passion for Corporate Social Responsibility, ethics, strategy and marketing to the Apex team.

Samuel G. Guzman

Founder and CEO of Fundación E an organization focused on entrepreneurship education. Author and International speaker with 26 experience years in business and entrepreneurship. Masters in Public Relations, Multinational Business Administration and Digital Marketing and E-commerce. ​​

Geoge Fonua

George is a change agent and speaker at some of APAC’s leading conferences on leadership and transformation. Through roles driving change at BHP, George developed a proprietary leadership, team and organisational trans- formation methodology, known as Blue Bus. It’s used by some of Australia's biggest companies including Royal Australian Navy, Origin Energy; educational institutions like The Scots College, Newcastle University, as well as Government Agencies

Luis Martinez

Professor of finance and mathematics with more than 36 years of experience and a track record as a consultant to companies in areas such as finance, quality, productivity and entrepreneurship. He is a chemical engineer with masters in thermo- dynamics, physical chemistry, business administration and others.

Dominic Quilligan

35+ years experience as Company Director / CEO / CFO across businesses in industry sectors of finance, investment funds, workforce management, technology, transport, and manufacturing. He is a Chartered Accountant holding a masters in Applied Finance and Investment and a Bachelor of Business degree in Accounting and Marketing.

The Republic Lives!

Across platforms, channels and metaverses

Just because we are a virtual republic doesn’t mean we’re not real. We’re all about real value and real connection.

Apex is alive and happening in many places and will be in more as technology evolves.